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Our place for useful information about the Waikanae Awa.

The Mana Whenua Kaitiakitanga Plan

Waikanae ki Uta ki Tai  is a partnership between Ātiawa ki Whakarongotai (ĀKW), Department of Conservation (DOC), Kāpiti Coast District Council (KCDC), and Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC). under a ‘Tiriti House governance model’. Visit the webpage of Ātiawa ki Whakarongotai and download the Kaitiakitanga plan to learn about Iwi plans for the Awa


Download the Kaitiakitanga Plan here

The LEARNZ educational video fieldtrips

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Natasha from DOC kicks of the series
Luke talks about mana whenua and their links to their awa.
Venture into the Muaupoko Stream to see what fish live there
What goes on behind the scenes at the water treatment plant?
Learn about kick nets and other monitoring techniques
What can we do to manage floods?
Caring for the awa where it enters the sea.
All about the Scientific Reserve at the Estuary